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Fake Article For Y/N.

"One Direction Fandom In A Frenzy Over Zayn Malik Selfie, As Well As Cute Y/S/N Couple Selfie Spree".

Earlier today Zayn Malik and his new leading lady Y/N has token over Instagram. Y/N posted a close up selfie of Mr.Malik. Wait, you haven’t seen it? That’s ok, here it is, for those of you who haven’t been in the loop. Ladies, your ovaries will be all over the place like ours were.

Can you say Y/N is one lucky lady? Because we sure can. The caption read: "Oh la la, selfie game vicious". Which we totally agree with.

After that lovely heart aching, ovary destroying picture, the beautiful Y/N also shared a loved up picture of the pair. Which you can see below.

The caption read; "Before meeting you, I had no idea what it was like to smile for no reason at all". Cue the aws. As much as we love Perrie, and how much we shipped “Zerrie”, we now ship “Y/S/N” and wish them nothing but the best. What do you think? Are you still a Zerrie shipper? Or do you ship Y/S/N? Leave your comments below.

He tweets a picture of him with your son.

This is my opinion, you can disagree, or you can agree, but I’m not sorry for this.

Liam pisses me off, he’s become such a prick. He’s becoming into such a wannabe it’s down right ridiculous. He bashes on fans now a days, he’s a smart mouth to anyone who doesn’t like their music, he’s becoming an alcoholic, he brings attention to his relationship then flips the fuck out when someone says a negative thing, I mean he has the right, but not every one has to kiss his girlfriends ass. He and Zayn both said a relationship is meant to be private, but Zayn’s relationship is the most out there, same with Liam. Rather or not you liked Danielle you have to admit you loved how she didn’t want the attention, you never saw her pose for award shows with Liam, or movie premieres.
Everyone says harry is the womanizer of the band, but you know what? To me, Liam is. You can’t possibly move on from someone you were with for 2 or so years to someone new in such a short period of time. Unless he was already seeing her behind Danielle’s back.
People are trying to excuse what Zayn and Louis did in Peru. I don’t give two fucks that they smoked weed, it was legal. I didn’t like the racial slurs and the police comments, the police are the ones who keeps his arrogant ass safe. His ass didn’t have to record any of that, he didn’t have to upload it either, all of them knew whatever they do will be in the spotlight of the media, it came with the price of fame. It’s going to come up, it’s going to be talked about, but shit money can make a lot of things disappear. Harry and Niall are the only sane ones left in the band.
If this was a year or so ago I would be kissing the ground they walk on. I’d be so excited to see pictures, videos, tweets of theirs but now I could care less. I used to love what they stand for. I won’t even lie, they have taught me so much. They taught me to love and embrace every single one of my flaws, they taught me to love who I truly am as a person. They taught me to be selfless and give back instead of just thinking about me all of the time. They were there during very deep dark parts of my life, when I truly was on the edge of my breaking point, they were there when no one else was. They made my life worth keeping, and I am not nor will I ever be afraid to admit that, but this band they’ve become I hate it. It’s not who they truly are.
The fandom is split between two groups. Elounor shippers, and larry shippers, are both completely overrated. They’re both ships that everyone takes to far, you don’t need to comment “Larry is real” or “elounor” is real on every single tweet, vine, Facebook post, tumblr post, Instagram comment on everyone’s pages. You ship el and Lou? Cool bruh. You ship lou and haz? That’s what’s up. Why not focus on the things we all have in common instead of our own different opinions of everything?

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