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Zayn and Harry have it the hardest out of the band. They have to put up with the most bull. Not saying the other boys don’t but Harry and Zayn get it worse.

Zayn is constantly being called a terrorist. He’s Muslim, get the fuck over it. He’s a human being. He’s not some robot planning on world domination for crying out loud. He has feelings, he has a heart, it hurts him, just like it would hurt you. He was called a freak by his own girlfriend for mumbling to himself and walking out when he’s mad, by his own girlfriend, rather it was a joke or not, it probably hurt him. Hes a private person, does that mean he’s stuck up? Absolutely not. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t want everyone knowing every little thing that goes in our life on full blast for the world to see. He’s known as the bad boy, what the media doesn’t notice is all of the charity he does, or all of the good, they care about making up ridiculous pointless rumors for a quick buck. He shouldn’t be judged because of his religion, or because he’s a quiet person, Zayn Malik is one of the sweetest human being known to man, just like Liam said he wears his heart on his sleeve, he just doesn’t parade around acting like he’s better then everyone else.

Harry is constantly in the public eye. He can’t be pictured with a female friend without there being a rumor he’s dating or having sex with him. And then when he does have someone in mind, that he likes and would like to get to know in an intimate way, the whole fucking fandom turns on him. It’s not against the law for him to be happy. It’s not against the law for him to have female friends. We all have friends of the opposite sex. Then people taking his friendship with Louis and making it out that he’s gay. It’s ok to ship something, it’s ok to believe in something, but pushing it into peoples faces and sending hate to whoever doesn’t is NOT ok. We all have that friendship with someone that we’re really close to, where we act like we’re gay or whatever. Does that mean he is? No, does that mean we are? No. Everyone only sees who he’s dating, who’s he seen with, who he’s supposedly slept with, no one sees him spending his money on food for the homeless, no one sees him acting all cute, and adorable. Because the media doesn’t care. They only care about trying to make him out to be something he’s not. It’s sad, and like he said, we only see what he wants us to see.

Remember when the fandom cared about the music, and the boys? Not what the media said, not what the rumors were about, not rather or not Louis and Harry were dating, not about the girlfriends? When some of us respected the families, and other members of the fandom? Yeah I miss that, and I’m sure a lot of people do to..

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