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I hate seeing pictures, like these. Why would you compare yourself to not only them, but to everyone else too. Like Their beyond beautiful, but so are you. Yes Danielle, is a dancer. So she has a good body, and is in shape. Yes Eleanor is a model, so she’s gorgeous, and has a great sense of fashion and is confident. And Yes Perrie is a singer, and has a great voice, style and personality. But why compare yourself? Your just as beautiful. Beauty isn’t about having a cute face, nice clothes, or a nice body. Beauty is what’s inside. Your heart, Your personality, and character. All of the physical things only go so far, If you have a pretty face and a ugly personality, then that just destroys every thing else. So don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You were born unique. Don’t go changing yourself, because of the stupidiness of society. Your beautiful, and should realize that. I don’t have anything against these girls, I’m just saying you shouldn’t compare yourself to them, or anyone in that fact.

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